Indefinite pause

I started Elm Bits to make it a habit for myself to learn more about Elm and functional programming. In the absence of a good project that was the most straightforward way to keep up with the language and news. And it worked well for me for almost a year until life came in...

In August last year my second child was born. In the beginning thins were pretty straightforward. As the kid grew, my personal and sleep time went the opposite way and started shrinking fast. When you have one child, you can pass it to your partner and take a break. With two, you just swap and... Oops.

I am also a solopreneur at shipit which requires more and more attention as it grows (albeit at a snail pace which adds another host of problems too). And you know, pandemic outside doesn't help either.

What initially started as a fun exploration sadly became a burden that doesn't bring fun anymore. I have to force myself to write something, and as a result the quality goes south pretty quickly.

I decided to take a longer break and direct my attention to family and work for now. No idea when I will return to this. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or advice, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for staying with me.


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