Issue #8

Ever wondered how compilers work? How does Elm translates the code into JavaScript? I occasionally browse through the core library's source to see how one or another type is implemented. It helps to write better and more optimized code. This week I stumbled upon a very interesting article from one of the core developers explaining his process of improving the speed of the List type. Link

PatchGirl is a REST web client that is written in Elm and Haskell. Its author started a series of posts on how it was built and the first part is an introduction to Elm. Link

An introduction to records, custom and opaque types from Mike Knepper. While Elm guide explains records and custom types in detail, opaque types is something I have learned about only recently. Link

I still remember my frustration when I couldn't figure out how to write code that absolutely must have else statement. What if you need to do something only when the condition is met, but not otherwise? Then I learned about Maybe type. The Nothing is still something I haven't used but a very interesting concept that someone with Python, Java, and JavaScript background has never seen before. Link


Gleam - a programming language based on Erlang and compatible with Elixir that has syntax resembling Elm. Link


Recently Evan has asked the community about self hosting Google fonts that are are currently used by package.elm-lang-org and Turns that that simply downloading font files breaks the website on various browsers and OSes. There's nothing about Elm, but the discussion is quite interesting. As a result of this Brian also wrote a nice blog post about subsetting and how to apply that to fonts.

Help needed from Elm developers and hackers to build a donation page for Elm Foundation. Link

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