Issue #9

In order to learn about the language and how to use different structure I started looking at the source code for Elm Core and other packages. It helps to understand the implementation details so you learn how to better use these. And Julian Antonielli has started a series of articles explaining how Elm core libraries are implemented, kernel code, and effect managers. While the concepts might be hard to understand for beginner, the text is very easy to follow. Link

A second article in the series about implementing PatchGirl web REST client. Link


Almost every language has a collection of awesome resources on GitHub. Elm is no exception. Link

All the news are about the pandemic now. James Carlson has released a doubling time calculator written in Elm. While you can calculate the time for some bacteria to double, you can also calculate how long it will take for corona infections to double in your country. Link

Both a project and a very interesting discussion about the need for a library to pass values between Elm and JS via ports and attempt at simplifying it all. Link


While all the meetups and conferences get cancelled in Europe and elsewhere, everything is going online. On March 16th Stephen Reddekopp and Thomasin will do live coding of GitHub flavoured markdown parser in Elm. Something not to miss. Link

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