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Like any beginner I recently got confused by the difference between Html Msg and Html msg. This led me to an interesting journey during which I learnt about type constructors, typed variables, and phantom types. Link

In the process of figuring out about typed variables a series of articles from Charlie Koster about different types in Elm helped me immensely: Phantom Types, Opaque Types, Extensible Records.

When starting your own projects it's always helpful to learn from others, and this is where Elm SPA example from Richard Feldman comes handy. I've been going through the code on GitHub learning about new patterns and structures. Article and code.

I recently started playing with elm-spa in an attempt to build a simple app for tracking my winter swimming session. While I'm still exploring how it works and scales, learning how it works from the inside is always helpful. Link


Does this code sound familiar for you: 32f2 32#d2 32f2 8#d2 32#d2 32#d2 32f2 32g2 32f2 16.#d2 32- 16f2 8#d2 16#g2 32#g2 32#g2 32#g2 16g2 16.#d2 32- 8#a2 32#a2 32#a2 16#a2 16f2 16g2 8#g2 16g2 16g2 32g2 16g2 16d2 16#d2 8f2 16f2 8#d2 16#g2 32#g2 32#g2 32#g2 32g2 32#d2 32f2 16#d2? If you're as old as me and had a Nokia or Ericsson mobile phone, most likely you had lists of ringtone codes that you could input into your phone. We shared them in school, printed on A4 paper. Now Ju Liu has created a small project in Elm where you can compose your own ringtones using Nokia codes. Link

James Carlson has built a text editor in pure Elm that can handle markdown and math notations. It is based on prior work of Martin Janiczek and Sidney Nemzer. Link

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