Issue #5 - special about forms

Forms in Elm is a source of constant pain for newcomers. How do I create them? How to perform validation? Should I build it myself or use a custom library? These are just the few questions that people ask.

This is a special issue about forms. Every 5th newsletter will cover a specific topic.


How do you start with forms? How to style them and validate data? In this 3-part series Luca describes his journey from a simple form to the one with spinners, datepicker, and autocomplete. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Before using the form library it is worth understanding the scope of the problem. Do you even need a library for building your form? Maybe it's worth to reinvent the wheel? Link

Alex Korban writes about building complex forms with validation. Link

"Form decoding: the next era of the form validation" - a blog post explaining the concept and the library that was built for the purpose. Link

Discussions - a better way to create forms - Live form validation and fields state

Libraries - Where would we be without the Bootstrap?

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