Issue 48

When you search anything on Google, the results are pretty relevant and of good quality (although I personally use DuckDuckGo for most of my searches). However whenever you start looking for content within a specific timeframe, e.g. content created last week, things break apart. Not only Google, but every one of their services. Whenever I look for recent Elm content, I stumble upon either some kind of Elm Church, or the famous horror movie. Luckily, this month there is a lot of content to go through. There are at least 3 relevant advent calendars: Functional Christmas, Elm Christmas, and the Japanese Elm Christmas calendar. All of them release one article every day. My favourite short article so far is climbing trees about nested data structures by Ragnhild Aalvik. There are also two articles in Functional Christmas where Elm is one of the main characters: Types without borders isn't enough and Combinators - inverting top-down transforms, both written By Dillon Kearns.

I bet almost everyone has at least heard about Jupyter Notebooks which has set the standard for data notebooks. If Python is not your language of choice, Observable is another similar platform. And there is also Streamlit, which is a godsend for backend engineers who do not know anything about the frontend. Or scientists who know Python but have zero knowledge in frontend. The have recently enabled developers to create custom UI components in Elm. A perfect combination for someone like me who has Python background and Elm/Elixir being my first introduction to functional programming.

Elm Game Jame is running, and there's already one submission, a game of pool by Andrey Kuzmin.

Recently I was going my regular Github browsing and stumbled upon Level, an ambitious project with the goal to take on Slack. I don't like Slack, and in the previous startup I worked for I succeeded in moving everyone to Twist. Slack is all about real-time collaboration, instant notifications and replies while Level and Twist (and probably many other alternatives) promote meaningful communication. Level was initially a project of one person, Derrick Reimer, and in 2019 he decided to stop working on it. Here's the story. While it is completely unrelated to Elm and this newsletter, it was a very touching and emotional read that stroke very close to me, a solopreneur with similar ambitions. He talks about the reasons he started it, his desire to take on the giants, conducting initial interviews only to later figure out most of that feedback was useless, and eventually realising it is not the challenge he wants to tackle. If you're working in a startup, if you're a (co)founder of one, a successful or not, it's a great read.

And to finish today's email, here's a quote from "Why the lean startup changes everything" by Steve Blank:

Start-ups are not smaller versions of large companies. They do not unfold in accordance with master plans. The ones that ultimately succeed go quickly from failure to failure, all the while adapting, iterating on, and improving their initial ideas as they continually learn from customers.

Enjoy your week

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