Issue #3

Interesting articles

Everything seems hard when you start programming in Elm, and HTTP requests is one of those topics:

Ever wondered what's Never for?

Sometimes you have a component that has lots of optional functionality. Charlie Koster is writing about one pattern to help with that - with* functions. - 3 tricks with case expressions that you might not have known about.


"How I reduced my code size by 800%". Spoiler: by moving some of the update code into the view. Read more at Elm discourse:

Tools - elm-spa is a framework for building web apps in Elm. It provides simple tooling and a convention for creating single page apps, so you can focus on the cool thing you want to build!

Library of the week

i18next is an internationalization framework for JavaScript. And if you've used multiple language support, you're more than likely used (or heard about) i18next. Here's something to help you with translations in Elm:

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