Issue #2

This week in Elm-land

Oslo Elm Days is a two-day conference happening in Oslo, Norway on the 15-16 May. They have recently opened applications for presentations. If you want to share your experience, please submit it here:

Elm In The Spring, a one-day Elm conference happening in Chicago, US on the 1st of May, has also opened their call for papers:

Jeff Schomay has just recently released version 5.0.1 of his Elm Narrative Engine ( - a tool for building interactive fiction style stories in Elm. Take a look at the example game on Ellie here:

This week saw the release of the first episode of Implementing Elm podcast. Listen how NoRedInk implements text editing and why Elm might not always be the best option in a business context:

Articles and Tutorials

Every new developer has this question: what is the difference between type and type alias -

How one should go about doing iterative development in Elm, small steps at a time -

Planning to write an Elm library? Here's a guide on creating idiomatic package -

Library of the week - Elm Uniform - one of the few packages to help you with forms. For other alternatives have a look at this Reddit discussions:

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