Issue #11

It's great to see more people coming to Elm and share their  explorations. Andreas Kroepelin has a very detailed writeup about his  experience creating a simple card game. Link

Ryan Frazier is writing a series of posts about implementing a  calculator in Elm. Going from the initial idea, to project setup, all  the way to testing. The code is open source and there are already 3/11  parts written. Link

Luca is explaining how to create masonry layout in Elm. If you're  planning on building a gallery of images similar to Pinterest, then it's  a great writeup. The demo has lots of configuration options too so  worth playing with. Link


An advanced topic on partial defunctionalization. It is generally  considered a bad practice to store functions in your model, however it  is sometimes tricky to avoid it when creating a package. What can you do  about it? Link


A collection of Elm UI widgets. Think of it as a fancy CSS framework  like Tailwind or Bulma that you can quickly connect and use its buttons,  dropdowns, and other components. Check out the demo. Link

While not really a package, and the Christmas is long gone, but an interesting project nevertheless: Elm Christmas. Link


Dillon Kearns doesn't stop amazing me. He's having regular live coding  sessions of various complexity and covering different topics. All of  these meetings are then publish on his YouTube channel. You can browse  the upcoming events on the Incremental Elm page.

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