Issue #1

Articles and Tutorials

In his post "How to generate jigsaw puzzles" Juri Chomé writes how to create an Elm app that generates puzzles and exports them in SVG only to then use lasers to cut the pieces out -

A tour of all Elm commands, from init to reactor and bump -

Using Rust and Web Assembly for the backend and writing UI in Elm -

Linting your code in various languages -


A vote on Elixir Forum about the best programming language to learn and teach in 2020 -

Is there a better way to create forms in Elm -

Interesting talks

Elm crash course - Building unbreakable webapps fast -

Library of the week - Elm Arborist

Drag-and-drop interface to edit, dissect and-rearrange tree structures, with nodes holding any data type you wish -


Holmusk is hiring a Remote Elm Developer based in Europe -

Got any tips, news, or looking for an Elm dev? Write me at [email protected]

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